Mark T. Small will move you to a whole new love of American music. From the hills to the cities, from the rural backwaters to the urban alleys, this is roots music played by a man who has studied it, got lost in it, and at times seems to fall down on his knees and prayed to it. -

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Music Review: “Black, White and the Blues” by Mark T. Small


"He is one of the bestguitar players I've met and had the opportunity to play with in a long time. I could listen to him all night. He knows the Blues!" 

Elmore James JR - Bluesman &  son of electric slide guitar founder Elmore James

"Mark T. Small is one of the best!!! He's a Bluesman in both spirit and soul. I welcome him on stage with me anywhere. HE IS MY FRIEND !!" Shor'ty Billups - International Bluesman w 60+ years of touring experience

Mark T. Small is the consummate musician, an electrifying performer, master interpreter, highly skilled with a great sense of history."
Patrick Norton - President of The Narrows Ctr For The Arts, Fall River, MA

"A Mark T. Small performance isn't  just entertainment; it's an education. If you want to know where your rock-n-roll came from, Small will be happy to teach you - and he'll do it in a fashion you won't soon forget."

The Standard Times, New Bedford, MA - August 13, 2010 - reviews

He reminds meof the days sitting on the porch every Saturday evening with my Granddaddy listening to Lightnin Hopkins, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed and Howlin Wolf - all rolled up into one. I wish my Granddaddy could have met him!"  

Hatti Barrett - President of The Down Home Blues Society, Boston, MA


Reference Letter Excerpts

THIS highly successful event helped raise funds for childrens programming at different branches of the New Bedford Public Library. I highly recommend Mark  and this program as highly entertaining and informative.
- Diane V. Duprey, President
Friends Of The New Bedford Public Library

IN a word, our students find Mark articulate, eloquent, approachable, friendly, and inspirational, and his American Music Concert has proven one of our most popular performances. I recommend Mark to you in the highest possible terms, with no reservations whatsoever: this is can’t miss stuff. Please feel free to contact me should I be able to provide any further assistance.
- Dr. William Nelles, University Of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Professor, Department of English 

THE Pelican Preserve Veterans sponsored Mark’s concert in February 2015 and 2016. We are all still talking about his fantastic concert with words like: “I have never seen anyone play a guitar like that,” and “I learned so much”, and “ Wow! That was the best entertainment we ever had here” and “Can we get him back again soon”. 
 - The Veterans Committee

Fort Myers, FL

WE have always been passionate about music, but at Mark T. Small’s concert we saw music brought to a new level. His skill with the guitar is beyond anything we have ever seen and his narrative on the roots and growth of American music was both entertaining and interesting. We are looking forward to another concert. 
- Bob and Cathi Sweeney,
Bonita Springs, Florida.

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Lecture / Performance Reference Letters

Given that it’s all been done beforeis there any reason to seek out Small’s versions of tunes that have been recorded hundreds of times? The answer is an emphatic yes – Small is a superb guitarist and a fine vocalist, but most important, he brings the material to life. From his clever blend of rhythms on “Trouble No More” – listen closely and you’ll also hear hints of “Smokestack Lightnin’” – to his re-invention of “The Thrill Is Gone” – he invests each tune with expressive urgency that’s as immediate as today’s headlines. In Small’s hands, these songs breathe and sweat and cry just as much as they did ‘way backwhen – by John Taylor the blues/16a54d9be0a2c1a7b9a1fcb7735c23ff

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